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I own my own business. I work from home. And sometimes, things just PILE UP. I mean dishes, cat hair...bird feathers...paperwork...EVERYTHING. Rather than spend a whole day cleaning, I called Mony Maids - found their coupon in the back of my Safeway receipt.

They scheduled me in SUPER fast - I mean, that next morning! Now, in less than 3 hours, my place looks good. The floors are shiny. The sink is clear. The cat hair is gone. It smells good! It never looks this clean when I do it myself(well, it never is this clean when I do it myself).

Can't wait for my wife to get home and see it.

Will definitely be calling them again.


Lianne C. Hayward, CA. Posted in


They came, they saw, they conquered. Professional, fully equipped and THOROUGH. A family business they came as a team of three and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned in, around, above and under! and, here's the clincher,  My wife, who is picky, picky, picky is Very Happy. We intend to schedule them regularly. Ask Them about their first time discount.


Sherwin H., Hayward, CA. Posted in

I had call some girls to clean up before but I wasn’t very happy. When I called Monica she took all day, she did a deep cleaning, and I was so shocked of how clean my home looked that I ask her if I could hug her. She doesn’t care about the money she will receive for the service or the hours it will take, but the service: no one had cleaned my house like her.

Annie, Wallnut Creek, Ca.


I strongly recommend Monica Trevino and Monymaids in your home, I have known Monica approximately one year, I met her through advertising, at that time I had had the pleasure to experience housekeeping, she has worked in my family daycare facility for one year, in doing this I find Monica trust worth professionally. Monica has great service cleaning, the bathroom, kitchen, in & out refrigerator, empty garbage, bathroom front, etc.

Monica is always willing to the time you call. Some parents had made comments about my house cleaning and ask for her phone number.

Diana, Alameda, Ca.


Sometimes she do some extra tasks that she don’t have to, one time she visited my house, I noticed she has clean the baseboard, another occasion she clean the kitchen window, and I didn’t paid for this work.  she also cleaned the little stain in the wall or the scratchs my kids do, and at no extra charge.

Elizabeth, Pleasanton, Ca.


When my kids arrive from school the girls had almost done with the cleaning and when they went into the house they yelled: Oh, my God, look at the house! Every room they enter they were amazed, she cleaned the windows, behind the washer and dryer and the dust under the bed, she give me a dazzling home.

Joseph, San Francisco, Ca.


I have a fanny story. I have this glass door that leads to my garden. When I first call her, I had it dirty and opaque, when she arrived I went to the store and when I came back went to my husband who was in the garden and I didn’t see my door so clean and shiny it was!! I crash against it. It was no funny at the moment but today me and my husband joke about that day.

Sarah, Berkeley, Ca.

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Bay Area, California.
Phone: 510-282-4721